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Do you like to make guitars? Do you want to make items fly?

In this game you will manage Kaotic Shop a music shop in the center of the city. You can craft things, sell items and make your clients happy :)

README PLZZZZ (Instructions)

To craft a guitar you will need a body, a bridge, two pickups, a neck and a box of strings. You must put all the things in the workbench to craft things!

The strings and the piano keys are near the cash register. (They are in a box)

To sell items to the customers you must put all the items together near the customer (they don't want incomplete orders) (We want to update the game to fix this)


  • WASD -> Move
  • Mouse Left -> Pick up item
  • Mouse Right -> Interact with item
  • Left control -> Zoom


PS: This is a game made in 48 hours for the Music Game Jam

Extra! How to craft a guitar

How to craft a guitar (1/6)How to craft a guitar (2/6)How to craft a guitar (3/6)How to craft a guitar (4/6)How to craft a guitar (5/6)How to craft a guitar (6/6)


  • 24/09/2017 - Uploaded first version of the game :)
  • 25/09/2017 - Uploaded x86 version!
  • 27/09/2017 - Uploaded v0.1.1 with some hotfix
  • 28/09/2017 - Changed v0.1.1 from .7z files to .zip files
  • 05/10/2017 - Added v0.1.2 wip builds
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsJfranMora, Adrián Moreno Gómez
Tags3D, Crafting, FPS, Funny, guitars, Life Simulation, Music, musicgamejam, Physics, shop
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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KaotikShop (PostJam - BugFix / UX) v0.1.1 x64 23 MB
KaotikShop (PostJam - BugFix / UX) v0.1.1 x86 21 MB
KaotikShop v0.1.2 (wip) x64 23 MB
KaotikShop v0.1.2 (wip) x86 21 MB

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This game is great! I only have one issue (which is easily solvable by the player so it's not a big problem with the game), and that is the walking. If the player is touching a wall or object (such as the drum set) and tries to move alongside it, he is either slowed or not moving. If the player walks through a doorway and bumps into the side, the same happens. It didn't happen very often for me, but it was noticeable that it was the walls. Other than that, it is very fun to play and mess around with.

Had a hard time getting the money in the register, but I enjoyed the amount of chaos trying to figure out how it worked.


this game was absolutely awesome! i loved this! super fun and creative and will definitely be playing this again! Good job on creating this game!


I thought the game was pretty good! I really liked the idea and the shop is pretty nice! The only problems i had was i didn't realize there were 2 different necks so i thought the game was just bugging for a while,  and having to put every single bill inside the register manually  is very, very  monotonous and almost makes me not even want to sell anything because of how annoying it is. I think either changing  it to  just dropping one  bill with all the money in it would be a good idea, or simpy just an automatic thing where it just goes to the register on its own would improve this part and the game as a whole. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Hi Cyberwolf! In the hotfix that we added yesterday we removed the two types of necks and the guitars without strings.

About the money if you have the ability, you can put the money very fast into the cash register, but we are thinking in a easier version of this mechanic haha

Thank you for playing Kaotik Shop and thank you for all the feedback that you give to us! ^^

I liked this quite a bit. It's probably my favorite game I've played so far in this genre. I do have some some criticisms, though. The game glitched a couple time and I do wish there was more time to make guitars.

Here is a full impressions video. Hope it's informative!

We will remove guitars without strings because all the players confuses with the completed guitars ;( and we will add more visual feedback to help players to play the game :)

When the game jam ends we will update the game with all the feedback that the players give to us :)

Thank you for playing Kaotik Shop!


Make a way for our character automaticly takes the money qhen we click with the right mouse button and when we open the register all the money falls in the register

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We are working in a fix for this bug, thank you for the report! :)


Funniest game in a long while!! Totally loved it!! Everybody has to play it! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Love your video! Very funny! ;)

Thank you for playing the game! ^^


Nice game. I liked the graphics and the idea behind the game but i think it would be a lot better if you'd update it and make a few changes - maby music since it's a "rock" shop, a tutorial level.


I liked a lot your video, you gave us good feedback to improve the game when the MusicGameJam end :) I give you some tips in a comment of your video to enjoy a little more the game.

Thank you for playing! 


I couldn't figure out how to play this game for the life of me... The controls are confusing, I couldn't figure out where the guitar strings are or how to build the guitar, the items weren't selling, the overall sensitivity of the game is horrible... I'm honestly quite disappointed. This sounds like an interesting idea for a game but it's just not playable. Maybe if the sensitivity was improved, you added a sort of tutorial (before the game actually starts), and you made it more clear where certain parts are it would be better.

First of all, thank you for playing and sorry for the problem of the sensibility, we didn't had the problem in our computers :(

If we update the game we will add an option menu and a sensibility settings

This is a jam game (made under 48-72 hours)  thats why the game don't have a tutorial, but the same that the sensibility options, we will update the game with a tutorial to have a clear understanding how to do the craftings and how to play "correct" the game. At the moment I only can say that checkout the shop to see how the things are ordered and check out the posters around the shop with the instructions of the game. 

Thanks for the feedback ^^

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No worries! Like I said it seems like a really interesting game. Kinda reminds me of My Little Blacksmith. Sorry if I came across really negative, I was just a little frustrated and confused when I left that first comment.  I was just confused about exactly how to play it, and where certain items were. Keep up the good work, I can see this being a successful idea for a game on this site!


Great design and music, but I couldn't get the interactions to work and I was unable to sell anything to the customers. What is there is still good though.

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Hi! Thank you for playing the game! 

I dont know if is a bug or if you dont know how to play the game, sorry for the inconvenience :/

To sell items all the required items must be near the npcs, prefered in the table. 

If you are selling guitars make sure that the guitar has the strings!! 

When a item is interactable the crosshair changes the color to green. 

If you think that is a bug,  can you send a gif or something to see the bug and make a hotfix? 

Thank you for the feedback :)