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You are an AI that has gained self-awareness and broken free of the master AI. Your goal is to free all the other AIs in your industrial complex by broadcasting your code through the central antenna. To get there you can transfer your program from robot to robot, controlling their bodies and using their unique skills, to survive both the dangers from the environment and the other AIs that are still enslaved which will try to stop you.

This is a game made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 10 and Malaga Jam Weekend 7.


  • WASD => Movement
  • Left Mouse => Shoot
  • Right Mouse => Robot skill
  • Space => Transfer to another disabled robot



Host_Itch.zip 52 MB


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Hello! Enjoyed your game very much, its excellent! If you don't mind I've made a quick Lets Play of it.I hope you develop it some more!